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Shawson - A Thousand Years

I know you all have probably seen my Shawson video, but it has finally been posted on youtube! Enjoyyyy!!

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We haven’t seen at least one shawson picture in the whole time they’ve been filming or on set. That makes me really sad because I miss them so freaking much!!!! :(

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Gabby you make me smile

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You know it’s about to get real when BOTH of them have their arms crossed👊

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When you see people making out in public 

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"I love when couples argue. Who’s fault do you think it is??"
Loved this scene❤️

Also thanks to @sophiabush_onetreehill I found out that there is hate accounts out there for @laurengerman and I’m most definitely not okay with that. Lauren doesn’t deserve any of it and if anything she’s the most kind and compassionate human being out there. We love you Lauren!💞 So please report these accounts: @mirrorsandpatterns @laurengermanreflection @laurengermanshadow
•Spread positivity, always☺️•

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•Shawson hardcore judging you😂💁•

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When my teacher asks why I didn’t bring my materials to class…

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Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more Shawson pictures! http://instagram.com/p/r51GaBwsBX/

WOAH. Look at that battery percentage in the top corner. 61%. COINCIDENCE!

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Shawson video anyone? :)

Hope we get more of this in season 3!

I don’t own the song or chicago fire!

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Throwback to them sizzlin hot shawson days

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Hate to say it as I love shay but I think she's the one who does 😭

Yeah I think so too😭😭

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Leslie Shay / Chicago Fire 

A little video I made for the beautiful Lauren German

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