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And another one!!! Still have hope for Shawson! :)

Thank you guys so much for 300 followers, means a lot!!!

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Casey, Severide, Shay, and Dawson at a restaurant last night? ;)

Still hoping it’s a new picture. I’m just glad to see Lauren lol!

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But who doesn’t love a little bit of Shayveride? :)

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would you mind if I wrote a fanfic based off of your "girls weekend" gifset? it totally inspired me.

Oh my gosh yes please do! Please give us the link when its finished! :)

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When a person you hate talks to you

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Derek Haas posted this on twitter. Really hoping it’s a recent picture and not an old one! BUT WAIT


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"Is it Shay’s birthday or something?"

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Looks like we are back to square one on finding out who dies.

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Leslie Shay

Episode 1x01 Pilot

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I cant post a link, but the twitter name is @hussbomb999

Wow thank you so much!!!! I guess it could be anyone now? Really hope it’s not her.

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Im tying to find it right now. I think it was a worker from the restaurant that posted it last night. I think they are just trying really hard to make people think that she isn't there. He also posted a photo with Charlie and Christian Stolte in it and I know a lot of people hadn't seen them either.

Cause she just posted a picture on Instagram but shouldn’t she be filming with like the rest of the cast? Lol this is all too much for me right now. She’s my favorite character.

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Just to calm your worries about the possibility of Shay dying. A picture was posted last night of the restaurant that painted the casts pictures on the wall, and Lauren signed hers. Meaning that she is in Chicago with the rest of the cast.

And where can I find that picture????

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Went from being from 99.9% sure that Shay is the one to die, to about 200% sure.

A Shawson-less Shawson.

Leave me to cry.

Me too😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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I haven’t seen any pictures of Lauren on set or even in Chicago or around the cast.

IM FREAKING OUT JUST A LITTLE.πŸ˜… My face at the moment^^^^

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